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A Living Trust

You Keep Control of Your Assets

A living trust lets you provide for yourself and your family before and after your death. It has a built-in flexibility that can work very well with your overall estate plans because it allows you to maintain control of your assets.  Like wills, living trusts are fully revocable, so you can change or terminate them at any time during your life.

The terms of a living trust can be put into effect immediately.  You can also arrange a contribution through a living trust by naming Ruth Eckerd Hall as the ultimate beneficiary. This method of giving is attractive because you still have complete control of the assets during your lifetime.


  • You or a beneficiary receives the income from the trust assets
  • You’re in charge, but if you desire, a professional trustee can do the detail work
  • You name who will ultimately receive the trust remainder
  • The trust assets bypass probate, so the terms are private

We invite you to discuss your giving objectives and options with Suzanne Ruley at 727.712.2761.

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