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Cash and Securities

Your Benefits Depend on the Asset

Any type of asset that you irrevocably donate to a charitable organization like Ruth Eckerd Hall results in a current income tax deduction. In addition, there may be other tax benefits to your contribution.

Giving cash and/or securities is quite simple and if you contribute long-term appreciated securities you have the added benefit of owing no tax on the gain.

You can also give tangible personal property (like an art object, prized collection or antiques) and may be able to take a deduction for its full fair market value if the gift is related to an exempt organization (certain gifts may require an appraisal).

These are but three of the types of assets which you can donate immediately to Ruth Eckerd Hall. You can also use one of these options to fund a planned gift that gives you lifetime income before the Hall receives the gift.  There are even more potential gift assets if you plan creatively.


  • Gifts of cash result in a current income tax deduction
  • Gifts of appreciated securities also provide relief from capital gains tax
  • All contributions to Ruth Eckerd Hall are used to help fulfill the Hall’s mission

We invite you to discuss your giving objectives and options with Suzanne Ruley at 727.712.2761.

“I chose to include Ruth Eckerd Hall in my estate plans because I believe in the arts to educate the youth. They deserve the opportunity to follow their dreams and become a star.” – Pat Grubb

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