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5 Easy Steps to Create A Ruth Eckerd Hall Account With Facebook

Published: July 28, 2017

The all new mobile friendly Ruth Eckerd Hall website allows you to create a free Ruth Eckerd Hall account by simply logging in with your Facebook account. A smart phone is required to access this feature so please make sure you are using fairly new technology. Simply follow these 5 steps on creating an account.

1. Visit our website and click on the link Login / Register.

REH Website1

2. To sync your Facebook account to our website, click the "Connect with Facebook" button.

REH Website2

3. The next step is very important. If you are not already logged into Facebook, this is where you enter in your Facebook username or password to log in. Once you do that, please click Log In.

REH Website3

4. After you log in, our website will notify you that we are receiving your public profile and email address to create an online account - your private information will not be shared with others and is for log in purposes only.

REH Website4

If you made it to this step, you have successfully created a Ruth Eckerd Hall website account with your Facebook login. Congratulations! Now that you are logged in, you are ready to buy tickets to your favorite show, sign up for an educational class, donate to the arts, become a member, and so much more! Be sure to check your email as you will also receive a confirmation email that will have your user details included.

REH Website5

You can also make changes to your account details by clicking the My Account link next to your user name. Make sure you visit the Connect section to learn more about our social media pages, eclub and more, that way you never miss out on all the fun!

REH Website6