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Bilheimer Capitol Theatre Staff Spotlight: Juan Gonzalez

Published: June 15, 2018

This month we continue to feature our great staff with Juan, who has been the head technician since October 2015. Juan also worked as a stage manager at @rutheckerdhall​ back in 1987!

What do your duties include? Anything that is related to the functionality of any locally produced or touring show is my jurisdiction.

What’s your favorite Cap memory/show? So far….realizing that the loudest show to date was Air Supply which clocked at 107 DB (A-weighted) at front of house.

What was your first concert? 1st concert I saw was Van Halen with the Scorpions, Dokken, Metallica, and Kingdom Come at Tampa Stadium in 1988.

What’s your bucket list band you would want to see play at the Cap? Stryper.

CAP Stonehenge

Did You Know? The Capitol Theatre resident Stonehenge was built by Juan! Keep your eye out during upcoming shows and see if you can spot the mini Stonehenge on stage. Share your Stonehenge photos online and make sure to tag your photos with #CAPStonehenge.