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Become a Rising Star

Published: February 25, 2019

Did you know the Marcia P. Hoffman School of the Arts offers private lessons for all ages? It's true! This is a great opportunity for anyone who wishes to strengthen their performance skills and expand their Arts Education. The Hoffman offers private instruction including repertoire and literature, from classical to contemporary. Take a look at some of our rising stars who signed up for Private Lessons.


Sophia has enjoyed listening to music from a very young age. She has taken interest in piano, cello and violin. After seeing a string quartet perform she asked about the violin. She then began taking lessons at the age of 3 with Mrs. Luba Geyer at the Hoffman. She loves to get her violin out and play especially when others are making music too.

Keep up the great work, Sophia!  Who knows? You could become the next Lindsey Stirling!

Another great example of a Hoffman rising star, Marissa, is a private vocal student at the Hoffman and also a junior participant in the GRAMMY Museum’s® Music Revolution Project. Now, Marissa can be seen performing around Tampa Bay – frequently performing the national anthem for The Rowdies or the Tampa Bay Lightning!


Even our staff members enjoy the private lessons we have to offer. Melissa, one of our Education Associates, takes private lessons for a couple of different reasons. Aside from wanting to strengthen her ability to sing and play piano, she participates as a way to get to know the instructors better!


“Taking the private lessons helps me match students to the instructors based on their needs and learning styles. They are really helpful!”

Melissa’s journey through the instructor spectrum is a living process not yet completed. Time is given to each instructor she works with. She finds they each tend to teach her in a new skill, while emphasizing the basics, which she finds fascinating. As you can see, the possibilities are endless.

Whether you are a passionate adult who likes to fine-tune their craft, or an aspiring student looking to take the next step, you can take a private lesson at the Hoffman to makes all your dreams come true. Please visit the Private Lessons section of our website for more information.