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Student Alumni Series with Megan Hoxie

Published: April 26, 2019

With summer classes’ right around the corner, we are catching up with alumnus and former summer camp counselor Megan Hoxie on her time here at the Marcia P. Hoffman School of the Arts and her latest Broadway role as Brooke Taylor Windham on the touring production of Legally Blonde the Musical! Having caught the theatre bug at a young age, Megan began taking summer classes here at the Hoffman when she was 10! Her love of theatre continued to grow and as a senior of J.W. Mitchell High School, Megan knew she wanted to pursue acting as a career.

Hegan Hoxie Legally Blonde
Left: Megan arriving to the backstage entrance of Ruth Eckerd Hall while on tour with Legally Blonde the Musical. Right: Megan in costume as Brooke Taylor Windham.

After graduating in 2013, Megan decided to move to New York City to attend Marymount Manhattan College to major in theatre and arts. Throughout her schooling, Megan performed in various productions before joining the Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines production of Grease the Musical!

Megan Hoxie Grease
Left: Megan as Sandy in the musical Grease with some of the cast. Right: With the original Sandy, the legendary Olivia Newton-John! #REHFamily

When the touring production of Legally Blonde the Musical returned to Ruth Eckerd Hall in March 2019, we were thrilled to hear Megan was part of the cast! Before taking the stage, she took over the Ruth Eckerd Hall Instagram page to go behind the scenes of life on tour and answered questions for some of our aspiring theatre students. Check out Megan’s takeover story and read her responses below!

What is your favorite memory as a student of the Marcia P. Hoffman School of the Arts? I can vividly remember my very first summer going to camp at Next Stop Broadway. It was my first “big kid” camper experience and I was the youngest in the group. I remember being amazed by how big the institute was and getting to run around all the different lobbies playing theatre games. It felt like heaven! I fell in love with coming to camp every day and getting to learn new songs and be silly discovering new characters. I will never forget that summer that sparked my love for being in a theatrical group!

Were there any lessons/experience’s you were able to take from your time at the Hoffman and use towards your career now? The importance of working as a team and with people of different ages/backgrounds. As a young student, I learned to be observant and how to ask smart questions (Sometimes by asking too much, too often instead of just listening. Lesson learned there!). As an older student, I learned the importance of holding yourself to a high standard and self-discipline. Once I had a position where others turned to me, it taught me I needed to be the highest version of myself & show up as them every day. Sometimes that meant nailing it & sometimes it meant falling on my face but getting back up again. No matter what it always meant being positive, determined, and excited to learn. These are things I bring to my career to this day.

How much of an influence has the Marcia P. Hoffman School of the Arts been on your career in theatre? MPH was a huge influence! All my teachers treated us as professionals and held us to a very high standard to be sure we were instilled with a strong work ethic. Work hard, play harder! I always loved having that guidance, and feel so lucky to have had such an experience. Not everyone is so lucky.

What’s some advice you may have for auditioning for different shows? How do you approach/tackle auditioning for a national tour Your brain and personality bring so much to a character. So when auditioning for a role, find the parts within that character YOU identify with to spark a connection. I find this makes telling the story in your audition a bit easier because it is coming from a genuine place within yourself. Also, auditions are scary so always make sure you’re picking material you have fun performing!

What lesson you have learned from MPH has stayed with you up until this point? The biggest lesson I embrace daily, is that community is essential. The people you surround yourself with are who teach you and build you into the person/artist you are, so cultivate the best community you can (and I don’t mean the best singers/actors/whatever...). Surround yourself with people who are hardworking, kind, supportive, open, motivating, and thoughtful. Then in return be that person to others. We are in a business of sharing our inner joys and our passions, where everyone has a story to tell. Listen to one another and challenge yourself to see beyond your understanding of the world. This is what theatre is about. Embrace each other and celebrate that we have a community of artists and performers who have so many talents to share with the world, and how lucky we are to have that opportunity at such a young age!

Megan Hoxie Hairspray REH
Megan performing in the Marcia P. Hoffman School of the Arts summer musical Hairspray the Musical on the Ruth Eckerd Hall stage in 2009.

How can you perform on the main stage at Ruth Eckerd Hall this summer? For students, age 14-20, you can perform on the same stage as Megan in this summer’s Broadway production of A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum! For information on auditions, rehearsals and performances plus all the great classes and camps offered this summer at the Hoffman, visit: