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Student Alumni Series: Nancy Coster

Published: January 17, 2020

Get to know our alumni at The Marcia P Hoffman School of the Arts, Nancy Coster. Throughout her tenure, Nancy has been a student, teacher’s assistant, drama 2 teacher and a cast member of the Hat Trick Theatre at The Murray Theatre at Ruth Eckerd Hall.

What positions have you held at MPH?

I’ve been a student, a teacher’s assistant and now am a teacher myself.

How has MPH made a positive impact on your life?

There are so many answers to this question! Both learning and teaching here have reignited my passion for the arts, and have given me the confidence and motivation to work even harder to pursue my dreams. Having this creative outlet has made me so much happier all around; and getting to pass on that happiness is an indescribable feeling.


What about MPH has made you keep returning every summer and eventually leading you to join the Hat Trick Theatre cast?

I think if I get down to the real nitty gritty of it — the people I’ve met, worked with, and the friendships I’ve made. When in the role of a student, I know that here, I have a mentor that I not only respect but can absolutely trust. When assisting or teaching, the support system and overall cohesion that the Education staff provide can always be relied upon; and when the day is over, I get to say goodbye to people I genuinely connect with and like. Working as an actor here for the first time has been no different — everyone communicates effectively, is incredibly talented and kind, and each day is fun! It’s been quite a while since I focused on theatre instead of on-camera acting, and so of course there was some nervousness and uncertainty when I decided to audition for Hat Trick. Would I be good enough? But my desire to not only get back into theatre work, but also get back to MPH and the friends I made there, was much stronger than my insecurities. I truly believe I would have been so much more daunted were it not for the overall environment of MPH, which has always been so comforting to me.

What was your most memorable experience at MPH?

There have been some students in particular who may struggle or need more guidance and care. When a student sets me apart and comes to me with any concern, it always resonates with and humbles me. So often as a child I myself wanted more authority figures to trust; realizing I can be that figure for kids, a positive role model who they know cares about them even beyond the few hours we have together... it’s a very, very fulfilling thing. I won’t forget certain faces for as long as I live — though I hope that their futures are filled with so many trusted and loved faces, that they might forget mine.

Nancy Coster Hat Trick


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