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Frequently Asked Questions


Is it legal to re-sell tickets?   While it is legal in many states, it is ILLEGAL in Florida (F.S.817.36) to sell a ticket for more than $1 over the original price if originally issued by a not-for-profit like RUTH ECKERD HALL.  

If it is illegal, why are there so many tickets on StubHub and other sites?  Counsel for StubHub acknowledges that while the practice may be illegal, since StubHub only provides the “market stall”, they are not responsible for any illegal transactions of the independent sellers who use their site.

I thought I did purchase from the venue’s website?   Unless you go to RUTHECKERDHALL.COM, you are purchasing from a third party.   They go to great pains to appear as the venue to appear credible and increase your comfort level.  If you search for “Ruth Eckerd Hall tickets”, usually the first sites that appear are paid advertised sites (it will be discretely noted as “Paid”, “Ad”, etc.)   Usually the official venue site will appear first beneath the advertised sites. 

How do scalpers/brokers get tickets?  They buy them like everyone else, often under false names.   They drive supply down and prices up.  BEWARE: They often don’t have the tickets they are advertising – they buy them AFTER you place your order, meaning you could have bought them yourself directly from the venue for less. 

Are Artist Packages refundable? No. Artist packages are non-transferable, no returns or exchanges allowed.

What are the risks buying on the secondary market? 

  • First and foremost, you are not guaranteed admittance.
  • Tickets may have been reported lost or stolen and therefore voided.
  • Tickets may have been re-issued – there may be more than one set floating around.  If they aren’t purchased from the venue under your name, you have no claim.
  • Tickets may be purchased for a wheelchair space held by law for those with disabilities and cannot be honored for someone without a wheelchair.  
  • You will often pay far more than if you purchase from the venue.  Many scalped tickets are NOT for sold out shows – often better and cheaper seats remain available at the venue ticket office.
  • Scalpers/brokers often advertise tickets that they do not actually have.
  • Scalpers/brokers often mislead buyers in the location of their seats.
  • Many artists are taking steps to prevent scalping including verifying the person who purchased the ticket is the one coming in the door.

How do I increase my chances of getting better seats directly from the venue?  

  • Purchase directly from the venue as early as possible.
  • Become a member of Ruth Eckerd Hall to receive priority notice and access.  Annual membership is often much less than the mark-up you will pay for ONE SINGLE ticket purchased on the secondary market, plus you receive priority benefits for a full year.
  • Join our eClub or TextClub so that we can let you know early about new shows going on sale.
  • You are welcome to always check with the ticket office for upgrades as tickets are exchanged or released by the artist.  Exchange fees are waived for Ruth Eckerd Hall members.