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Susan Crockett Interim President & CEO Honored For 30 Years Of Employment

Published: November 7, 2018

Ruth Eckerd Hall, Inc., honored a beloved member of the organization, Susan Crockett, Interim President & CEO, for her 30 years of employment. She was recognized not only for her years of dedication to the organization, but also for her vital role in developing and expanding the services for Ruth Eckerd Hall members and patrons.

“Susan's steadfast leadership has been instrumental in the Hall's growth and success over the past 30 years,” commented Jana Jones, Ruth Eckerd Hall Chairman of the Board. “She is widely respected both internally and externally for her knowledge and sound decision making, and I have tremendous admiration for her strength of character.”

Susan began her Ruth Eckerd Hall career in September 1988 as an Associate House Manager. Her duties included managing auditorium leases and contracts, as well as coordinating housing and transportation for visiting artists.  She also supervised ushers and ensured the comfort and safety of patrons.  In 1992, Susan was promoted to Box Office Manager, in charge of the ticket office operations including customer service, sales staff supervision and employee development.  Susan was responsible for a $500,000 operating budget and control of more than $10 million in annual receipts generated through the ticket office.

In 1995, Susan was named the Arts Education Project Manager to represent the Eckerd Theater Company (ETC), Ruth Eckerd Hall’s in-house theater group serving as marketing manager, contract agent and tour coordinator, among other duties.  Susan managed the outreach projects as a liaison between program artists (both ETC and visiting artists) and community agencies. Susan also secured grant funding to support specific arts education initiatives.

Susan was named the venue’s Business Analyst in 1997, performing detailed analyses of business operations to improve efficiency.  She also assisted management in the projection of future results and established benchmarks, ongoing analytics and periodic review of organizational performances.  In 1998, Susan was promoted to Director of Tickets and Information Services, overseeing the ticket office and MIS operations, including the subsequent design of integrated systems and data processing applications.  She managed two ticketing database conversions and developed digital media services and initiated online ticketing. 

In 1998, Susan was promoted to Chief Information Officer / Vice President – Operations for the venue, providing vision and leadership in the development and implementation of organizational-wide information technology, patron services and facility management.  Susan also served as the General Manager in the oversight of ticketing, event services, technical theater and facility operations in the distribution of products and services at Ruth Eckerd Hall, the Capitol Theatre and Ruth Eckerd Hall on the Road performances and events.  Susan also oversees the ongoing $11 million renovation of Ruth Eckerd Hall. In October, Susan was named Interim President & CEO.

“Susan Crockett has provided the type of consistent leadership and institutional memory that only comes from long tenure, her value accrues to our staff, board and most importantly our patrons,” commented Frank V. Hibbard, Ruth Eckerd Hall, Inc., Board Vice-Chair. 

Susan, her husband Grant, daughter Lauren and their Chihuahua posse have been Safety Harbor residents for more than 15 years. The family finds joy in supporting a number of charitable initiatives, particularly those that serve marginalized populations. “Ruth Eckerd Hall has always felt like home,” commented Susan. “My father instilled in me an enormous appreciation for the arts. Growing up, our home was filled with opera, jazz, big band and classical music every weekend and the walls were lined with landscapes and still life. I would tie on my ballet slippers and dance in the foyer. Unfortunately, my talent didn’t match my enthusiasm. Here is this girl horribly scratching away at a violin while calculus was easy peasy. I was clearly more mathematician than musician but was drawn to the arts. It’s been a blessing to be able to put my talents to good use for Ruth Eckerd Hall’s mission.”