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Planned Giving

Create a Legacy

Join the many Ruth Eckerd Hall supporters who have discovered the significant personal and financial benefits achieved through planned giving. You can establish a legacy of support to secure Ruth Eckerd Hall for generations to come. There are a myriad of giving options from which you can choose:

The best choice will balance what you wish to accomplish for yourself and your charitable interests in your overall estate and financial plans. We invite you to discuss your giving objectives and options with Suzanne Ruley at 727.712.2761.

A Living Trust Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust Chartibale Lead Trust
A living trust lets you provide for yourself and your family before and after your death. more...
If you’re uncomfortable letting your future retirement dollars ride stock and bond markets, consider a charitable remainder annuity trust. more...
Are you concerned about the possibility of the government taking a huge part of the assets you were planning to leave your heirs? more...
Cash and Securities Closely Held Stock Beneficiary Designations
Any type of asset that you irrevocably donate to a charitable organization like Ruth Eckerd Hall results in a current income tax deduction. more... If you own a sizable block of stock in a closely held corporation, you may have a gift option that benefits everyone. more... When you change a beneficiary designation you do not have to consult an attorney, although it may be a good idea to be sure that the changes coordinate with your existing estate plan. more...
Planned Giving Advisory Concil
The Planned Giving Advisory Council is made up of a select group of local estate planning professionals who have demonstrated support through their personal Annual Membership commitment and identifying others in the community to engage with the organization. more...

“It is personally rewarding to know we have made a safe, successful investment that will help bring much pleasure to many people in the future." - Robert Challener & Nelson Morrow

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