Susan Crockett, Ruth Eckerd Hall President & CEO announced that Ocean Allies Group in Clearwater has certified Ruth Eckerd Hall as Ocean Friendly.

In making the announcement Susan commented, “We have completed the steps necessary to become more ocean friendly by helping protect the marine ecosystems.  These steps include using compostable material products in our Food & Beverage department, eliminating straws and offering paper straws upon request, eco-friendly cleaning products and more.”

Sheri Heilman, from the Ocean Allies Executive Team commented, “When you hear the name Ruth Eckerd Hall, you probably think amazing performing arts and world-class entertainment.  Now you should also think ocean-friendly.”

Ocean Allies is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that originated in Clearwater Beach, Florida and is dedicated to merging the goals of conservation, tourism and business by educating the public about ocean health and the real-life benefits experienced by businesses that become ocean friendly. We work to inspire whole communities to make simple switches to protect the marine ecosystems vital to human health and hearts around the world.

Guests at Ruth Eckerd Hall and the Nancy and David Bilheimer Capitol Theatre will start to see these new products go into effect in the coming months.