Ruth Eckerd Hall, Inc., which operates The BayCare Sound at Coachman Park, is dedicated to conserving valuable resources and reducing the ecological footprint of concert venues and live events. In 2020, Ruth Eckerd Hall was the first performing arts center in the Tampa Bay area to be certified as ocean friendly by the Ocean Allies Group of Clearwater, a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to merging the goals of conservation, tourism and business by educating the public about ocean health.   

Sustainable event venues and parks operate with an appreciation and conservational mindset for the natural environment, minimizing waste and always seeking ways to use renewed resources to ensure equity and livability, while maintaining economic prosperity.   

The BayCare Sound has adopted sustainability strategies to ensure both a healthy environment and great memories that last!   

  • Reduce the use of paper through mobile ticketing and digital marketing. 
  • Feature reusable and biodegradable products. 
  • Prohibit distribution of single-use plastic ware, plastic bags and Styrofoam packaging. 
  • Prohibit distribution of items or practices that are harmful to wildlife and the ecosystem such as balloons, confetti and plastic straws.  
  • Provide healthy and locally sources food options for guests and artists. 
  • Promote and encourage options like rideshare and multi-modal transportation to events.  
  • Increase awareness and encourage conservation in water and energy use throughout the facility. 
  • Use energy efficient equipment and fixtures.  
  • Provide for separation and processing of recyclable materials.   
  • Be an industry leader and resource for environmental educators to highlight sustainability efforts at The BayCare Sound.

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